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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 8, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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thinking about our show and about these media issues. we're back here every sunday. next sunday morning, 11 k:00 and then 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. we start with a fox you news alert and what authorities said appears to be an act of domestic news alert and what authorities said appears to be an act of domestic terrorism. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm mar they will neville. a man smashing his truck through the gates of a michigan coast guard station. it started earlier this morning. a phone call from a man saying he had a bomb in his truck and that he was going to blow up the station. person they will vaknel were evacuated. and the coast guard sector field office, as well. and investigators say after the threat, a man smashed his truck through the gates. he is now in custody.
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investigators say they did not find a bomb. we're monitoring the story and will bring you more as it breaks. mean while three people have been woumded after a shooting at a crowded mall near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. investigators used video and social media to arrest a teen they believe is responsible for that. police say the 17-year-old suspect opened fire inside a macy's store p. hundreds of shoppers ran for their lives as investigators say that teen targeted a specific person. shooting him will as well as would bystanders. now they're looking at perhaps the biggest question, why did it happen what was the motive. brian has the latest. >> police arrested that suspect at about 3:15 this morning at his home in blacken ridge pennsylvania. tarod thornhill is being held at the allegheny county jail being charged as an adult for aggravated assault, attempted homicide.
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about 7:30 last night, thorp 4i8 hill walked into the lowpolo section and began shooting. he shot the intended target and two others. >> we believe one of the three people shot was a targeted individual. so not a random. we have evidence that leads to that. we will not be discussing it currently and an investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: two of the male victims is in critical condition and a woman is in stable condition. the mall was put on lockdown for two hours, panicked shoppers describing the chaos some taking cover while others ran. >> we was this pittsburgh popcorn making a purchase. and shots rang out. people started running. and i just ran with the store
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employ years toees to the book. >> we were in the food court and all of a sudden we heard people screaming and next thing you see is a bunch of people a bunch ever teens, scared to death, just exodus en masse. i grabbed my children my husband, we started screaming go, go go. >> during that kay organizations and is chaos, the 17-year-old escaped, but he postedragram four hours before the shooting wearing the same clothes. they had recently increased security at the mall after an incident of several fights a that the mall is this m. december. but the big question why still under investigation.this m. december. but the big question why still under investigation. jordan's air force chief saying his country has achieved its promised revenge against the islamic state after 56 air
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strikes targeted isis training centers ss depots adding this is not the end, this is the beginning. but still questions about the path forward. this week president obama planning to formally ask congress to authorize the use of military force. so what will that mean for the fight? peter doocy is here reporting live in washington. >> arthel, a lot of attention on islamic state fighters in iraq and syria and that is not covering nearly enough ground according to michael flynn. the american game plan an interesting analogy right now. >> we are kind of like a football team but the request at the huddle and the quarterback says reabreak, everybody is supposed to step to the line and the team is suppose to the move down the field together in a synchronized way to win. i feel like when we say ready, break, all players that are on
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the team are going off into different stadiums playing different sports. >> but the obama administration says they see things unfolding a lot better than critics have given them credit for. john kerry touting the number of top isis leaders who have already been killed, disrupting the islamic state's organization and thus their ability to carry out attacks. >> now, there is a lot more to do. we have said since the beginning this is a long term situation not a short term one. but we believe everything including the governing process in iraq itself is moving in the right direction. >> and more insight into the discussions happen at the white house came on friday when susan rice explained that there are a lot of threats out there but that the dangers today are not as bad as they were during other times of crisis like world are war 2 or the cold war. arthel. >> peter doocy, thanks. in injure five minutes, john bolton will be here to tell us what he thinks the u.s. should
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do and he will also review the dramatic actions taken by king abdallah against isis. the heir to the british throne is in jordan and raising concerns about the persecution of christians in the middle east. prince charles calling it the most agonizing situation saying he fears that there will be quote, very, very few christians left in the middle east after all the recent turmoil in the region. if the prince succeeds his mother as monarch charles will be the temporal head will of the church of england and take the title defender of the faith. he reportedly says he considers that role in protecting everyone's freedom to worship. he is now on a six day trip to the middle east. earlier he visited a camp for syrian refugees some persecuted christians and he also met with king abdallah. leaders from germany france russia and ukraine to hold a ukraine summit later this
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week even as the fighting there rages on. this after a phone call between russian president vladimir putin along with top leaders from ukraine, france and in germany. putin, however, telling reporters the summit is not a sure thing and that more progress needs to be made. diplomats for the four countries are meeting in berlin tomorrow. despite president obama's 2008 campaign promise that he would close gitmo as we all know guantanamo bay is still p and running. they are emptying some of those detainees, but it still holds some of the notorious terror suspects like the alleged mastermind of 9/11, khalid shake mohammad. he and four others are expected to be back in court this week and that is where katherine is streaming live. >> reporter: our fox news team was here nearly two years ago when the 9/11 suspects were first arraigned under mr.
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obama's military commissions and now 21 months later there is still no date certain for the jury selection, nor are is there a date certain for the trial itself. and this week the five 9/11 suspects will be back in court 30 yards over my shoulder and they would be there with their defense teams as well as the prosecutors wrestling with some very complex issues. the first order of business focuses on an fbi investigation into the defense team for one of the conspiracy tore spir tors and whether the case is soo taint that had he'll have to be tried separately. he's alleged to be part of the hamburg cell where the plot was finalized for the 9/11 attacks. and there is also the controversy over the female guards in the maximum security camp for camp 7 where we have the 9/11 suspects. one of the high value detainees refused the touch of a female guard back in october.
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and had to be forcibly removed from his cell and since there has been a block on female guards escorting him to and from the courthouse. and there has been a spillover effect. now there are what amounts to a temporary restraining order so that female guards did too not handle the final suspects to and from the maximum security court. and a member of the house intelligence committee says this's all gone way too far. >> if you're a soldier and you're capable of doing a mission, go do it. and we've allowed them to tell us we can't have women performing certain functions? how dare these men who have created such a threat to america tell us how we can run the united states army, the united states navy and our marines. >> we heard testimony this last week from the point man for gitmo at the pent goneagon who said
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he believed if the camps are closed, the military trials will be moved to a base in the united states. but when you speak to people here privately they will tell you none of the ground work is being laid for that to happen and they fully expect to continue the trials even if the detention camps are emptied. and that really begs the question at the end of the day what does closing guantanamo really mean. >> katherine, thanks so much live from guantanamo bay for us today. the northeast bracing for another major snowstorm. boston gearing up. the system is expected to drop more than 2 feet in parts of massachusetts. and if that's not bad enough, it could also pave the way for some of the coldest air isso far this season. heaviest snow will fall across p upstate new york and new england. the storm expected to last from tonight until tuesday. did you play power ball? there is still trim to try to
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nabt winning ticket because last night, nobody won the jackpot. it was at $380 million. you know what thoonoe whaknow what that means, even more dough will be on the line this coming wednesday. the grand prize will dwell to $450 million. wow. what would you do with all that? >> if you win, would you still come to work? >> of course. >> i would not come to work. i'd be on somebody's island somewhere. >> you have to have a purpose in life i think. >> my purpose is to travel. >> i'll let you know if i win. all right. and when we come back, we'll talk about the new details on what the judge is telling the jury in the trial of a man accused of fatally shooting american sniper chris kyle. and isis, if you see king abdallah in his flight suit their strategy versus ours. john bolton join us in just two minutes. >> i think what i'm saying is that the strategy that we've had is not working and it's cleary not working. heart: i maximize good stuff
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now back to our top story the fight to destroy isis. michael flynn had sharp comments on u.s. strategy. >> it's not just the whis. i white house. i really believe when members of congress are yelling at the white house for strategy and the white house is talking back to them, what they really need to do is sfig out what the strategy is going forward. >> part of the strategy is the president asking congress for a war resolution. but is that enough. joining us now michael bolton. ambassador, what do we need to come? >> the president has to come up with a better objective than what he's been saying when he
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says to degrade and ultimately defeat ice. that can take a long time. that's not the kind of objective our strategy should have. it should be to destroy isaiah the sooner the better. and if he in fact submits a draft authorization to use force to congress this week which he does not need to do constitutionally, but if he does, it ought to be very broad it ought to ask for the authority to use all necessary means to eradicate isis and any groups or individuals affiliated with it or sharing its aims in and around the middle east or wherever the evidence might lead us to find them. and i don't think congress ought to tamper with that. i don't think congress ought to be in the business of narrowly tailoring what the president's authority is. >> what about our arab allies? they have armies. more than a million men potentially. why don't they take the fight on the ground against isis to
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eradicate them? >> they should, but their and he weres are not nearly as good as ours. and above everything else, they need a leader. they need a commander in chief at the top of the alliance and unified field command. and i think they're reluctant to do more without evidence the united states is prepared to do more. and although i think they are bravely endangered by isis i think they have a point when they look at the white house and see nothing but weakness emanating from it. >> jordan has conducted 56 air strikes so far since the december pigable unforgivable video emerged. and people are hailing king abdallah. just take a look at him in his flight suit. this stunning photograph of the king himself he is not by the way carrying out attacks himself. and look what the investors business daily says about this. leadership. jordan is taking the war to the terrorists. in less than a week jordan has
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transformed efl from the bit player to a moral beacon of why we fight because it's ultimately a struggle of good versus evil and good must win. there is a word to this. victory may be all the allies could learn from it. ambassador, what should we learn sn. >> i think you could learn a lot from the courage king abdallah has shown. the last time a sitting president wore a uniform i think was george washington leading the troops out of pifl to suppress the whiskey rebellion. so i don't think obama has to go that far. but i do think he needs to demonstrate that he's committed to winning. and i think evidence of that commitment is still absent. when you talk about tee gradedegrading and defeating, you're talking about a process that sounds like it will going on for a long time. that plays in to isis' hands. the longer they have to get control over the territory they now hold in iraq and syria the harder it will be to dislodge them down the road. >> ambassador, they have warned
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this is a long struggle against radical islamic terrorism. thank you as always. the race for the white house is already heating up with possible candidates trying to gather support. in bret baier's new special, fox news reporting election 2016, are the many early contenders bret interviews scott walker who pulled off a big victory after a tough re-election campaign in his state. >> you won re-election 2014 even with democrats gunning for you. >> the lesson learned is lesson nationally for republicans, you can actually go big and go bold and you get results. and when you get things done voters want to stand with you. they crave leadership. >> don't miss more with bret baier and governor walker tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> looking forward to that. well american sniper trial set to get under way officially
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next week. >> with the promotion around the movie, the question is can there be a fair trial. we'll talk about that.
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so the question is can he get a fair trial. and you well know this too, that the judge in the case has already said even if you read the book, even if you saw the movie, you can still sit on this jury. so can he get a fair trial and what kind of jurors will they be looking to see the? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual the? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance.te the? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance. the? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance.the? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance.he? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance.e? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance.? >> i think he can. but at the outset, this is an incredibly unusual circumstance. this has no precedent whatsoever. but i think the case is very different. because it's different, it may not affect the case as it would in another situation. because what eddie ray routh is alleging, that he was insane at the time of the shooting. and so because this will isn't a whodunit, this isn't a question of what happened at the shooting range, it's a question of what was going on in his mind things might be different. >> so let's start with defense. is that an easy argument for
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them and then of course on the flip side, if you're the prosecution, you're going to be i'd imagine calling witnessing up there who can testify about routh's past even before he got to the point where he was a in the army or are marines. >> exactly. is this notthis is not a standard trial. it's going to get into routh's development mentally over the pird of time leading up to the shooting. i think most of the press reports say that the reason chris kyle was there at the shooting range was to reach out to eddie routh because he had ptsd. so they will hear about that and i think the real question is how severe it was and did actually spark the shooting when it happened. >> so how do you see this playing out? i mean, there is going to be as you said a strong case for the ptsd argument. but prosecute ors, they have to do their job, as well. so again, i'd like to hear your take in terms of how this is
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going to be played out in the courtroom. >> i've had a case where the defendant allegedly had ptsd and. case the jury hung. it's very difficult for a juror to find beyond a reasonable doubt when there is really good evidence of ptsd that didn't play a role. sometimes what happens is the jury sort of splits the baby. we say they don't think he's guilty of the top charge, but we don't want to acquit him. so prosecution has to focus on the things that make the case severe and particularly maybe some of the things he did afterwards in taking chris kril's vehiclekril kyle's vehicle from the scene that indicate maybe he was sane and he was doing something he knew was wrong. >> it's a sad case all around for sure. alex little, thank you very much. and that trial is set to begin this wednesday. thank you very much. and it's sunday. so that means the doctors are
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time now for sunday house call. >> hello. welcome. joining us is chairman and profession or of urology at lenox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. mark seigel, author of unlobbing the see credit code of sickness and health. and that's what they dido every sunday. >> february is american heart month. and today we'll talk about all the things you can do to show your heart a little love. very important. without the he


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